Revocable Living Trust
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Revocable Living Trust
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Revocable Living Trusts

Although a revocable living trust has been a useful estate planning tool for hundreds of years, there is no doubt that the revocable living trust has experienced a dramatic increase in popularity over the past several decades.

Newspaper advertisements for free seminars on the benefits of a revocable living trust are everywhere, as are television commercials suggesting that a revocable living trust is for everyone. You might even find a door-to-door salesperson who’ll tell you, without reservation, that a revocable living trust is something you just have to have.

Legitimate seminars on a revocable living trust and other legal topics are offered by attorneys and other professional advisors routinely in every city and state. After all, seminars are a legitimate way for professionals to promote their services and their expertise.

There are some promoters, however, who are less than honest and far from knowledgeable about estate planning issues. Whether intentional or not, these promoters do a disservice to the public because they often provide inaccurate and misleading information.

A revocable living trust can be an excellent tool for solving a number of issues confronting individuals and families today, including the avoidance of probate, the management of property during incapacity, the protection of property for beneficiaries who can’t handle money on their own, protection from disgruntled heirs, the elimination or reduction of federal estate taxes and state death taxes, and the assurance that personal affairs will remain private.

In this section, we’ll explore the ins and outs of a revocable living trust in some detail. To proceed, simply click on any of the sub-categories on the Revocable Living Trust menu to the right.


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