What the Experts Say
What the Experts Say
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What the Experts Say

Our experts are continually publishing articles on important estate planning topics. We believe that you'll find the following articles on Powers of Attorney to be particularly helpful.



Don't Get Caught in the Catch-22 of the Springing Power

by Jim D Sarlis
The Power of Attorney is one of the Advance Directives, along with the Health Care Proxy and the Living Will.1 It is the document whereby one person, called the principal, appoints another person, called the agent, to act on the principal's behalf according to the authority it grants. This… Read More . . .
Senior Couple - Power of Attorney

8 Things to Know About Power of Attorney For Finances

by Joseph Champagne
A power of attorney for finances can be a valuable tool, especially for families caring for older adults. You can use it to help them manage specific transactions, to assist them for just a short time, or to regularly manage their everyday affairs. And what's called a durable power of attorney for… Read More . . .
Couple viewing document - power of attorney

What Is A Power Of Attorney And When And How Would You Use It?

by Donovan Baldwin
There are times in life when someone may be asked to fill out a power of attorney form. At another time, someone may decide that they need a formal means of allowing someone to act on their behalf. Some people may have heard of a power of attorney, and some may simply be aware of the existence of… Read More . . .

Why You Need a Durable Power of Attorney Now!

by John Pollock
Planning for unfortunate events such as serious illness or injury is rarely on anyone's list of favorite pastimes. Sometimes, though, enduring the small discomfort that may accompany preparing for the unexpected will avoid untold anguish on the part of your family and friends. This is certainly the… Read More . . .
Alzheimer Disease - Power of Attorney

A Matter of Trust - Giving Someone Power of Attorney over Your Financial…

by Bruce M. Fogel, Esq.
As you may have already heard or read, a Durable Power of Attorney (DPA) is a very important and beneficial document to have available, not only as you age, but at other times as well. It is a very powerful tool in the hands of the right appointee. The usual and best form for a DPA is a broad and… Read More . . .
Woman with Alzheimers

Why a Durable Power of Attorney is "Durable" and Why It's Great for Estate…

by Larry D. Stratton, Esq.
English common law understood that agents were sometimes needed in business and commerce. The president of Ford Motor Company, obviously, cannot be everywhere. He needs agents to conduct business. Also, someone who is on vacation out of the country and cannot sign a contract might appoint an agent… Read More . . .


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