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Health Care Planning Tools
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Health Care Planning Tools

The American Bar Association (ABA) Commission on law and aging has created a number of health care planning tools that are ideal for anyone interested in planning for their future health care.

These tools provide a good way to engage in conversations with a spouse, children, or other loved ones about quality of life issues and priorites, and how they relate to the type of medical treatment that you wish to receive - or not receive - under various circumstances.

The following health care planning tools contain self-help worksheets and suggestions to help guide you along. Each tool is user-friendly and self-explanatory. A special thanks to the ABA for allowing us to make these very helpful tools available to our members and guests.


Tool #1: How to Select Your Health Care Agent or Proxy
Tool #2: Are Some Conditions Worse than Death?
Tool #3: How Do You Weigh Odds of Survival?
Tool #4: Personal Priorities and Spiritual Value Important to Your Medical Decisions
Tool #5: After Death Decisions To Think About Now
Tool #6: Conversation Scripts: Getting Past the Resistance
Tool #7: The Proxy Quiz For Family & Physician
Tool #8: What To Do After Signing Your Health Care Advance Directive
Tool #9: Guide for Health Care Proxies

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher to view or print any of the tools listed above.

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